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What Fueled Tom Brady's Super Bowl Comeback?

The Patriots’ victory in yesterday’s Super Bowl was one for the ages. They rallied from an unprecedented deficit to upend the Atlanta Falcons and claim their fifth Super Bowl title. Leading the charge was their venerable leader Tom Brady. At 39 years of age, he is half a generation older than most of his NFL peers yet he was the one left standing at the end. To what does he owe his superior stamina and resilience?

The answer is not Gatorade. For decades, this athletic drink was marketed as the go-to beverage for athletes and said to possess special hydration properties not found in water. According to CBS Sports, Tom Brady relies on a drink with “a ton of electrolytes.” While the drink’s recipe is a closely guarded secret, Brady doesn’t consume sugar or iodized salt, so it’s safe to assume those ingredients aren’t in it. 

Brady’s diet has been a topic of discussion for several months. The Patriots’ chef revealed that his diet consists of 80 percent vegetables as well as other favorites such as beans and organic steak, chicken, duck and wild salmon.

It appears that Brady adheres to a high-fat, low-carbohydrate and low- to moderate-protein diet. This approach can result in nutritional ketosis: a state in which your body burns fat as its primary fuel rather than glucose (sugar). Mounting research suggests nutritional ketosis is the answer to a long list of health problems, starting with obesity. 

To see the benefits of a nutritional diet manifest on a global stage is inspirational and vindicates healthy lifestyle choices. To help you get started on a healthier diet, I suggest following my free nutrition plan, which starts at the beginner phase and systematically guides you step-by-step to the advanced level. Preparing your own food may sound time consuming but the health benefits are immense. The convenience and price of processed food is entirely illusory