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Pickle Juice: the Next Great Sports Drink?

The belief that sports drinks possess any beneficial properties has long since been debunked. The good news is that there are alternatives that do not ravage your health and poison your body. Enter an unlikely hero: pickle juice. The most recent media source to extol the benefits of this surprising health heavyweight is NDTV.

Pickle juice has many supporters who argue that it enhances athletic performance. Its proponents say that it eases muscle cramps, balances the acids in your stomach and decreases blood sugar spikes. Pickle juice advocates also swear by its ability to increase thirst and improve hydration.

Pickle juice contains trace amounts of carbohydrates, minerals and sometimes probiotic bacteria, as well as high amounts of salt. Between the nutrition contained in the actual cucumbers and the additional pickling ingredients, pickle juice is recognized for its health benefits.

Because of the high amount of salt in pickles, it may induce swelling, bloating and water retention. Additionally, the high acidity of pickle juice may exacerbate or even cause gout. Also keep in mind that cucumbers have a high pesticide load and it’s best to consume only organic cucumbers.

If you don’t grow your own organic cucumbers, purchasing the organic version is the best way to avoid toxins that are shown to be damaging to your health. Cucumbers are natural ethylene generators and initiate the ripening process in other fruits and vegetables. So it’s best to store them in separate places.
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