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Coca-Cola Profits Fall 55 Percent as Consumers Ditch Sugary Drinks

In the wake of massive worldwide obesity rates and warnings about sugar consumption, Coca-Cola is reporting that its profits have fallen 55 percent globally, according to It’s a blow that’s forced the soda maker to realign its branding and drink offerings.

If you’ve been reading my articles for any time at all, you know that I don’t feel sorry that soda sales are down, whether it’s Coke’s or Pepsi’s or any of other brand’s. Sweetened beverages have been identified as a major contributor to the obesity and diabetes epidemics around the world, leading the World Health Organization to urge countries to impose stiff taxes on soda sales.

This is encouraging, as for decades, the links between sugar and poor health outcomes have been buried, and nutritional science has been misdirected on purpose — to shield industry interests, without regard for public health. Studies show that an alarming 30 to 40 percent of U.S. healthcare expenditures are directly related to illnesses caused by excess dietary sugar!

Yet, despite abundant evidence that sugar is directly related to obesity and illness, the government continues to heavily subsidize the corn syrup industry with taxpayer money. It’s true that sugar is as addictive, or more so, than any drug. If you want off the sugar cycle, begin by trading soda for clean pure water, tea with fruit slices in it, or even plain black coffee.

Also concentrate on eating whole, fresh, unprocessed foods, as 74 percent of processed foods have hidden sugars in them, under 60 different names. Remember: Sugar can harm you no matter what they call it.
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