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Cauliflower Might Be Effective in Preventing Fluoride Intoxication

In the ever-growing search for ways to prevent fluoride intoxication, a study in India shows that cauliflower might be a good answer to this problem, The New Indian Express reports. Scientists used cauliflower leaf extract for the study.

Fluoride has numerous toxic effects, from hampering thyroid function to fluorosis, a mottling of the teeth caused by exposure to excessive amounts of fluoride. Research also links fluoridated water consumption to endocrine dysfunction, hypothyroidism, ADHD and reduced IQ.

As far as reducing cavities goes — the main reason municipalities use for poisoning their water with this industrial substance — 97 percent of Western European countries do not fluoridate, and data show non-fluoridating countries have seen the exact same reduction in dental cavities as fluoridated areas.

Nevertheless, beginning in 1945, it was claimed that adding fluoride to drinking water was a safe and effective way to improve people's dental health. Over the decades, many bought into this despite evidence to the contrary.

Today, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services admits that its recommended levels of fluoride in drinking water is too high. But in my opinion, ANY amount is too high. The simple truth is fluoridation runs counter to good science. The best way to prevent cavities is not through fluoride, but by addressing your diet.

One of the keys to oral health is eating a traditional diet of real foods rich in fresh, unprocessed vegetables, nuts and grass-fed meats. By avoiding sugars and processed foods, you prevent the proliferation of the bacteria that cause decay in the first place.
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