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Gluten-Free Diet May Increase Arsenic and Mercury Exposure

Nutrition is a complex topic and there are countless diets competing for attention. You may intend to eat healthy but this is not enough. You need to make sure you have your facts straight. A recent Medical News Today study highlighted the potential of a seemingly healthy diet doing more harm than good. 

Researchers determined that a gluten free diet may increase your exposure to mercury and arsenic. This is bad news for the many people who have embraced the gluten-free lifestyle. 

In recent years, the benefits of a gluten-free diet have become widely recognized and, according to recent research, people are embracing gluten-free in ever-growing numbers, even though the number of Americans diagnosed with celiac disease has not increased since 2009.

Arsenic and mercury are not the only dangers posed by gluten free eating. As with any diet, it is all about execution. Just because a food is gluten free doesn't make it a health food, just as a food sold at Whole Foods does not make it a health food. There are plenty of lousy fake foods in both categories.

For most people, drastically cutting down on your net carbs (total carbs minus fiber) is the key to optimal health. This includes but is not limited to grains (not just wheat, as all grains will spike your insulin levels and contribute to insulin and leptin resistance).

Doing this will help your body burn fat rather than carbs as its primary fuel, which helps optimize your mitochondrial function and boost weight loss. Check out my nutrition plan for additional information on how to optimize your diet. A great starting point is to avoid processed foods and instead consume only nourishing whole foods.
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