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Do Wearable Fitness Devices Make You More Fit?

The New York Times is reporting that wearable technology has not yet lived up to its promise as a fitness game changer. They argue that diet is more important than exercise and that the wearers of fitness trackers were no more physically active than their peers. 

This does not even figure in the added risks posed by wearable technology. To be clear, I'm a technology junkie. I often recommend using wearable fitness trackers like the Jawbone UP, because they can help you keep track of your daily movement and sleep patterns. In fact, I wear one myself.

However, I believe such devices are reasonably safe, provided they do not have a 3G connection built in. There are studies showing that technology is progressively getting more harmful—not less so – due to progressions in amplitude and frequency.

The findings show that 3G phones may cause more harm than earlier versions, raising the risk of brain cancer four-fold. It also appears to have shorter latency period—just five to 10 years, compared to about 25 years for earlier mobile phone versions.

Wearable technology does provide several potential benefits. Fitness trackers have the ability to monitor your heart rate. By monitoring your heart rate during exercise, you may optimize your workout. They also can provide automated motivation, accurately track your activities, monitor your sleep and prompt behavioral changes.

To mitigate the dangers posed by EMF generating technology, there are a few simple guidelines that I recommend adhering to. First, do not let children use EMF generating wearable technologies and minimize their exposure to cell phones. Limit your exposure to 3G generating devices and cellphones in general. A final pointer, respect the fact that many others are highly sensitive to EMF. Wearable technology may help you take control of your health but the more powerful fitness trackers should be used with discretion. 
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