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Dietary Prebiotics Improve Sleep, Buffer Stress

With them being in the news so much lately, probiotics and their special way of nourishing and balancing the good bacteria in your gut have become common in health conversations. But did you know that something called prebiotics are just as important? As reported by Science Bulletin, prebiotics serve as food for the good bacteria, and have an impact on your sleep and stress levels.

I call prebiotics the workhorses that feed your microbiota, helping them to grow and multiply. Your beneficial bacteria feast on the fiber that resists digestion found in a variety of fruits and vegetables, extracting energy, nutrients and vitamins from the fiber. Beneficial microbes also use the fiber to grow and multiply. If you starve your gut microbiome of fiber, some die off and others switch their source of nutrients to the mucus lining of your gut that helps keep your gut wall intact and prevent leakage of molecules from your intestines into your body.

The bacteria living in your gut help to extract energy from the food you eat and are influenced by the type of foods you choose. Some changes happen to your gut quickly, while other changes to the type of bacteria happen more slowly.

Besides ultimately affecting sleep and stress levels, these tiny little powerhouses residing in your gut have a substantial influence on your ability to lose weight.

Fermented foods are the easiest, best and cheapest way you can make a significant impact on your gut microbiome. Fermentation can be accomplished using a wild method, during which the food is allowed to ferment alone.
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