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Users Fear Social Media Is Making Them Ill, but They Still Can't Stop

It’s a fact: Most young people now own smart phones and as a result have become social media junkies — a habit they find difficult to ease up on, even when it’s negatively affecting their health, both physical and mentally, the Independent reports. Sadly, according to the American Psychological Association, only 28 percent actually want to address this problem, the Independent said.

Social media-generated anxiety is a new health problem that is catching the attention of both those who have the problem and those who are trying to help those with the problem. Take Facebook, for example: Studies show that some people spend far more than one hour perusing Facebook every day (teens, for instance, may spend up to nine hours), the consequences of which are only beginning to be understood.

Yet, for all this activity, there is causal evidence that social media like Facebook negatively affects your well-being, with those most at risk being heavy users.

This is not to slam social media in general, as there are positive things that you can do with social media. The key is to achieve a proper balance in your usage of it and to discipline yourself to take regular social media breaks, both throughout the day and in long-term use.

You can do this by setting a daily time limit on cell phone/media usage, by incorporating activity breaks into your day (which will help you in a number of ways) and by simply turning off your phone and moving it to a different part of the house when you go to bed.
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