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Millennials at Risk for Colon Cancer

Is cancer a disease of modernity? A CNN report delved into the colon cancer crisis that is sweeping through the millennial generation. The numbers are grim. At the same age, an individual born in 1990 has twice the risk of colon cancer and four times the risk of colon cancer when compared to their counterpart born forty years earlier. What is the cause of this horrific trend and, more importantly, what is to be done?  

Colorectal cancer is often preventable but remains the second leading cause of cancer deaths in the U.S. Research has shown that possibly only 5 to 10 percent of cancer cases are due to genetic defects. Perhaps as many as one-third of the most common U.S. cancer cases are preventable through a healthy diet, physical activity and maintaining a healthy weight. Diet, tobacco, radiation, stress, environmental toxins and a sedentary lifestyle are all risk factors. 

Could millennials love of convenience foods be responsible for the surge in colon cancer rates? Processed meats are laden with nitrates and these are frequently converted into nitrosamines, which are clearly associated with an increased risk of colorectal cancers. It is crucial that you refrain from eating hot dogs, bacon, ham, pastrami, sausages and other highly processed foods at all costs. 

Today can be the day you start making healthy changes to lower your risk of this potentially deadly disease. How you fuel yourself is a great starting point. The first step is to remove all processed foods from your diet. Instead consume only whole and nourishing food from sustainable sources. Vegetables are also one of the best forms of dietary fiber. Studies have repeatedly shown that people with higher vegetable intake have lower rates of cancer. 
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