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Kit Kat Sugar Content to Be Cut by 10 Percent, Says Nestle

Nestle brands plans to cut the sugar in popular chocolate bars such as Kit Kat, Yorkie and Aero by 10 percent by 2018, the BBC reports. The sugar will be replaced by higher quantities of existing ingredients or other, non-artificial ingredients, the news agency added — commenting that last year Nestle figured out how to restructure sugar so they could use 40 percent less.

Although it’s nice that Nestle wants to cut back on sugar in its products, it’s important to remember that their products still contain a load of sugar. Did you know that sugar is an addictive substance that triggers dopamine secretions in the reward center in your brain? What that means is that once you acquire a taste for it, your brain is wired to make you want more, whether Nestle cuts back on the amount or not.

It's tempting to say that eating sugar "in moderation" is the answer. But how much is a moderate amount — and will a 10 percent cutback do anything for your health? According to the sugar industry, sugar is harmless and may even be an important part of a healthy diet. But the reality is that sugar causes very real damage to your body and cells.

If you want to get off the sugar wagon, there are several things you can do, such as making permanent changes to your lifestyle and nutritional choices. Keep your net carbs below 100 grams per day, and for a healthier diet as low as 50 grams per day, to reduce your cravings for sweets. And, eat real food: Ditch processed foods and aim for whole, organic, non-genetically modified fruits, vegetables, meats and dairy.
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