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Teenager Is on Track to Plant a Trillion Trees

One tree at a time a young man is on his way to making his mark in the world by planting a trillion trees around the world, in the hopes of doing his part to restore forests and reduce the world’s carbon footprint, National Geographic reports. As founder of Plant-for-the-Planet, this teenager has been the impetus behind the planting of more than 14 billion trees in 130 nations so far.

This is not unlike regenerative farming, which is being adopted one farmer at a time, in an effort to restore ecology and rebuild communities that have been ravaged by industrial farming. Industrialized agriculture has numerous drawbacks, from degrading and contaminating soil to contaminating water and drains aquifers, to contributing to greenhouse gas emissions.

But, like this young man’s trees, using regenerative land management that incorporates livestock, can increase organic matter in the soil back to healthy levels within a couple of decades.

A common misconception is that regenerative and organic farming cannot be done on a large-scale. But that simply isn’t true. It is entirely possible to support thousands of individual animals of several species on a regenerative farm and, around the world, farmers are waking up to what regenerative agriculture can do for them and the Earth.

Regenerative agriculture addresses the optimization of soil quality and benefits to air, water, ecosystem, food, animal welfare and human health. The five tenets of soil regeneration include no-tillage, plant diversity and rotation, multispecies cover-cropping, maintaining living roots in the soil year-round and livestock integration and diversification.
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