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Did An EPA Official 'Kill' Monsanto Cancer Study?

Bloomberg reported that the safety of glyphosate, sold by Monsanto under the tradename Roundup, is under assault again. The most recent blow to Monsanto has come in the form of a lawsuit and the unsealing of court documents related to Roundup. These documents shed new light on safety concerns about this toxic herbicide, as well as the suspect practices that Monsanto has employed to suppress this damaging information.  

The details are extremely troubling. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) official responsible for researching the safety of glyphosate bragged of his ability to stonewall any investigation into the product’s safety. “If I can kill this I should get a medal,” EPA deputy Jess Rowland boasted in an internal email that was released in Tuesday’s court finding. 

This information is part of a lawsuit that was brought against Monsanto by farmers who argue that they developed non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma as a result of glyphosate exposure. The lawyers representing the farmers have also accused Monsanto of interfering with the EPA assessment of glyphosate through deceptive authorship practices. Is it possible that the manufacturer of a toxic pesticide has ghost written the safety study?

To make matters worse, last year Monsanto released a new crop of soybean and cotton seeds called Roundup Ready Xtend, designed to tolerate being drenched in not just glyphosate-based Roundup but also dicamba, an older and highly toxic herbicide known for its tendency to cause unintended crop damage. As with its Roundup Ready seeds, the primary reason for creating these genetically engineered (GE) seeds is to expand the market for the chemicals that go with them.

Glyphosate has permeated nearly every nook of the food chain and the inescapable reality is that its long term effects are not fully understood. It is in Monsanto’s best interest for an agent as ubiquitous and harmful as glyphosate to fly under the radar. Unfortunately for them, this is not possible in a world where consumers are becoming better informed on matters of health, and damaging information will inevitably be exposed.

Avoiding glyphosate is a daunting task. It is the most heavily used herbicide of all-time and it is not only harming farmers. Recent studies have found glyphosate showing up virtually everywhere. What is to be done and how do we minimize the damage?

Your best bet is to consume only sustainably grown and organic food. This will support your family's health and protect the environment from harmful chemical pollutants. You will also be taking dollars out of Monsanto’s pockets.

Is it fair to say that Monsanto has inflicted nearly irreparable damage on the planet? They certainly are acting as if they have something to hide.  
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