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Cancer Screening On Decline?

CNN reports that a decrease in cancer rates is not only a good thing. Such a statement appears to be inflammatory at face value but what they are referring to is a lack of cancer screening during economic hard times. The real question they should be asking is how to improve the cancer screening process. 

The two most well-known cancer screenings are for prostate and breast cancer. Both leave a great deal to be desired. If you are a man aged 50 and above, then I am sure you are familiar with the PSA screening. More than that, I am sure you are aware of being bombarded with promotions encouraging you to get your prostate cancer screening, sometimes free-of-charge. Whole parades and motorcycle rides are organized to drive you to get tested, like it’s a simple procedure with no negative implications.

I've written many articles on the hazards and drawbacks of mammograms, including the danger of false positives, and the facts that ionizing radiation causes cancer, and that mammograms have no impact on mortality rates.

The prostate and breast cancer screening embody much of what is wrong with the failed allopathic model of cancer treatment. Even when accurate, they are at best a diagnostic tool and do not address the underlying cause.  

Cancer screenings may be overrated as cancer fighting tools but that is no reason to be fatalistic. It is never too late to take control of your health. Consuming only whole and nourishing foods is an excellent starting point. The information contained in my nutrition plan makes this an achievable goal. I also recommended optimizing your vitamin D levels, avoiding eating within three hours of bedtime, limiting your protein intake and avoiding unfermented soy products.
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