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Americans Are Having Less Sex These Days

If you like keeping track of unusual statistics — such as how much sex is “normal” — then Reuters has some intriguing news on sex in America. It seems that Americans are having less sex today than they were three decades ago, with a surprising twist: Married couples, who used to share the honor of having sex more than their single counterparts, now trail in this statistic.

Many people may not look at sex as a “health” issue, but the truth is sex is important to your overall feeling of wellbeing and happiness, and ultimately your overall health. Studies have shown that sex can improve your immunity and heart health and even be looked at as a form of exercise.

One way sex leads to increased health and happiness among couples is that it boosts feelings of satisfaction within the relationship. But, taking this in context, studies also show that even though couples who had sex once a week reported the highest levels of happiness, it did not increase with more frequent sex.

When you look at it from a health perspective, this means there’s really no rule about what your frequency “should” be, but rather whether you and your partner are happy with the amount of sex you’re having. In other words, if you’re happy with your sex life, there’s no need to rock the boat.

If you don't have sex regularly, you can still reap many similar benefits from other forms of intimate contact — like hugging and kissing, which increase levels of the “love hormone” oxytocin which, in turn, may have beneficial effects on your heart health and more.
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