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Mixing Energy Drinks With Alcohol Could Be a Risky Combination

Energy drinks are back in the news again, this time with a warning that mixing them with alcohol can have dangerous effects, including keeping you so wide awake that you tend to drink even more, reports. Mixing the drinks with alcohol is also linked to increased risk of falls, fights and accidents.

Energy drinks, marketed as a fast and easy way to get unparalleled energy, have been scrutinized for years, with probes looking into whether drink makers are overstating benefits from certain healthful-sounding ingredients while downplaying the role of caffeine.

Since consuming large quantities of caffeine in energy drinks can have serious health consequences, including caffeine toxicity, stroke, anxiety, arrhythmia and in some cases death, it stands to reason that mixing them with alcohol is a recipe for disaster.

If you’re looking for a natural way to boost your energy, one of my first recommendations is to get a good night’s sleep — and to do this you need to forego sugary, caffeinated drinks that you use to keep you awake and alert.

If you’re chronically fatigued, make sure that you’re getting adequate amounts of ubiquinol (the reduced form of CoQ10 — one of the strongest lipid-soluble antioxidants known that is produced within your own body), D-ribose (a core building block of ATP) and glutathione (one of your body's most important antioxidants and a natural detox agent). You can raise your glutathione levels with high quality whey protein made from organically-raised raw milk, without added sweeteners.

Other foods that can help boost glutathione include cruciferous vegetables, animal foods (eggs, dairy and organ meats), certain herbs and Brazil nuts and sunflower seeds.
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