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Medical School to Examine Whether Professor Published Paper Partly Written by Chemical Company

In a potential scandal of epic proportions, a New York Medical College pathologist is being investigated for allegedly signing his name to ghost-written documents that Monsanto used in 2000 to “prove” its herbicide, Roundup, is safe and noncarcinogenic. As reported by Science, the lead author, Gary Williams, has not responded to requests for a comment; his two co-authors have died.

These new revelations and accusations into the dark side of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and Monsanto’s control of what the public is told follow a widely-publicized, similar event that occurred with University of Florida professor Kevin Folta, a vocal advocate of GMOs.

Folta vehemently denied ever receiving any money from Monsanto, but emails uncovered through Freedom of Information Act requests showed otherwise. He had in fact received a $25,000 unrestricted grant from Monsanto — monies he specifically instructed the company to donate in such a way as to remain undisclosed.

Unfortunately, Folta is not alone: Other university professors with links to Monsanto have been outed for writing pro-GMO material without disclosing their ties to the company. But professors aside, even WebMD, the most visited health site on the web, has capitulated to Monsanto, by allowing corporate sponsorships to passively market Monsanto opinions on WebMD pages.

So what’s a consumer to do when there is so much propaganda going on? First, take control of your health by refusing to buy or consume GMO foods, which are grown with copious amounts of insecticides, herbicides and fungicides. Ditch processed foods of all kinds and buy only organically-grown fruits, vegetables, dairy and meats. And demand that GMO foods be labeled.
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