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New Alzheimer's Test Can Predict Age When Disease Will Appear

As genetic testing and DNA marking marches forward, scientists report that they now have a test of 31 different genetic markers that could possibly calculate your risk of developing Alzheimer’s. According to The Guardian, a high score on the test could signal an early diagnosis.

Some people may shy away from such testing because they’d rather not know what’s in their future, but it still helps to know that every minute counts when fighting this dreadful disease. With no known cure and the number of people affected expected to triple by 2050, the Alzheimer’s Association estimates that by mid-century someone in the U.S will develop Alzheimer’s disease every 33 seconds.

It’s often said that the underlying causes of Alzheimer’s disease are unknown, but there are numerous theories. For example, accumulating research suggests Alzheimer's may have an infectious component. In addition to viruses, bacteria and fungus, an infectious protein called TDP-43, which behaves like infectious proteins known as prions, has also been linked to the disease.

For this reason, it’s also helpful to know what we can do to possibly stave off Alzheimer’s and dementia. To that end, there’s intriguing research that shows severe vitamin D deficiency may raise your risk for dementia by 125 percent, so getting your D levels up is important.

Diet is also a key: A combination of very little sugar and low net carbs, along with higher amounts of healthy fat is essential to address not only Alzheimer's, but diabetes and heart disease as well. My optimized nutrition plan can set you on the right path in this regard.
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