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Caesarean Sections Are More Likely to Be Performed by For-Profit Hospitals

The purpose of a Caesarean section is supposed to be a life-saving measure for either the mother or baby — or both — but as reported by the BMJ, the number of C-sections that are performed in a given region are more and more linked to whether or not the hospital where they’re done is a for-profit institution. The plain finances of it are that C-sections receive higher reimbursements than normal births.

That doctors and hospitals have financial incentives to determine that a Caesarean section is “necessary” is disturbing. We’ve known for years that the numbers of C-sections in the U.S. are growing; only a few years ago, statistics showed that nearly a third of all childbirths were C-sections. And with that surge has come an explosion in medical bills and an increase in complications.

When you consider that infant and mortality rates in the U.S. are a tragic embarrassment considering the high cost of care, higher than any of the other 27 wealthy countries reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), it makes one wonder how we can continue to justify C-sections for the mere purpose of padding a hospital’s bottom line. My suggestion: If your doctor suggests a C-section, be sure to question the need, and don’t allow it until you are satisfied with the answers.

The good news is there are steps you can take before you become pregnant, during your pregnancy and after your child is born to optimize your health and the health of your baby. For example, vitamin D is particularly important for infant and maternal health. Protect Our Children NOW! is a public health campaign aimed at raising global awareness about the health risks of vitamin D deficiency and provide information a woman can use to optimize her vitamin D status.
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