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A Positive Outlook May Be Good for Your Health

On a happy note for the day, The New York Times is reporting that researchers are continuing to find that simply having a positive outlook can do wonders for your health, overall, even when faced with an incurable illness.

It’s exciting to see that something I’ve been reporting on for a very long time not only is taking hold in mainstream media, but is continuing to prove true: Your attitude can affect every aspect of your life. The emotional and psychological ends of this are obvious. When you have a positive attitude, you tend to feel happy all over. But, studies continue to show that people who report being cheerful, relaxed and satisfied with life and full of energy also have positive physical results, including fewer chronic illnesses such as heart disease.

A positive attitude about your age can also help you to stay happy and healthy well into your golden years, and even will help you live longer. Additionally, people with positive stereotypes about aging were 44 percent more likely to fully recover from severe disability than those with negative age stereotypes.

The bottom line is the power of positive thought is real, and you can choose to be happy and positive, no matter how bad your situation. Even if you have a health condition, staying positive can help you to live longer. And while you’ll want to avoid “living too fast” and succumbing to the ills of chronic stress and burnout, you’ll want to be sure to keep living. That is, no matter what your age, continue to look forward to the future, develop goals and live with purpose.
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