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Things Women With Really Healthy Hair Always Do

Short or long or in-between, a luxurious mane is what everyone wants, especially if you’re a woman. But according to Popsugar, those beautiful locks take extra special care to be that healthy. Seven things that women in particular can do to help their hair stay healthy include sleeping on a sateen pillow, not shampooing every day, remembering to use conditioner, employing natural nut oils for hair treatments, brushing properly, getting regular haircuts and using dry shampoo to “set” your hair instead of hair spray.

Since women put an average of 168 different chemicals on their bodies every day in the form of personal hygiene products and cosmetics, I couldn’t agree more that using natural nut oils is one way to get healthy hair. But I would go beyond just embracing “natural” nut oils.

First, beware that products boasting "all-natural" labels can still contain harmful chemicals, so be sure to check the full list of ingredients. If you’re looking for safer products, the Environmental Working Group has a great database to help you find personal care products that are free of potentially dangerous chemicals.

But you also can actually make many of your own products that won’t contain anything but whole, organic ingredients. A slew of lotions, potions and hair treatments can be eliminated with a jar of coconut oil, for example, to which you can add a high-quality essential oil, if you like, for scent. Just remember: Whether you make your own or switch to a truly natural, toxin-free brand, there are alternatives.
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