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Is New Diabetes Pill a Silver Bullet Cure?

The obesity epidemic has added extra impetus to the effort to create a cure for diabetes. According to New Scientist, a breakthrough has been made. This cure is naturally a drug and is said to reverse the effects without the need for insulin and the patient does not even need to avoid sugar. 

This is a classic allopathic solution: treating the symptoms without addressing the underlying cause. The fact that it “treats” diabetes without requiring a modified diet is particularly troubling. The desire for a silver bullet that treats disease and has no side effects has led to countless dead-ends. Will this pill be any different or will history judge it to be ineffective at best?

The drastic spike in diabetes points to the fact that it cannot be primarily caused by genetics. It literally screams that something we're doing, consistently and en masse, is horribly wrong, and we need to address it. There are major differences between type 1 and type 2, but to attempt to treat diabetes without addressing diet may be a serious miscalculation.

The importance of a nourishing and healthy diet cannot be understated. Nutrition plays a major role in all aspects of your health. The key to a healthy diet is to ditch processed foods and sugars. Instead, you should consume healthful whole foods. Ditching processed foods requires that you plan your meals in advance, but if you take it step-by-step as described in my nutrition plan, it's quite possible, and manageable, to painlessly remove processed foods from your diet.
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