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No More ‘Superbugs?’ Maple Syrup Extract Enhances Antibiotic Action

The antibiotic superbug crisis is an ongoing conundrum that is turning into a real epidemic around the world: With more and more “super” bugs becoming more and more resistant to even the strongest of antibiotics, scientists are in a frenzy trying to slow superbugs’ stronghold. Now, according to Newswise, there may be help in simple maple syrup. Researchers have found that combining an extract of the syrup with the normal antibiotics used to fight severe infections can increase these antibiotics’ potency.

This is good news in the race to stay ahead of antibiotic-resistant superbugs. While overuse of antibiotics contributes to this problem, antibiotics are still a foundational component of modern medicine, without which many of our current treatment modalities and medical procedures become exceedingly dangerous. That’s why it’s exciting that other natural products, such as Manuka honey and coconut oil, are also proving to be good antibiotic boosts or even replacements for drug-based infection fighters.

Manuka honey is especially promising, in that it can effectively eradicate more than 250 clinical strains of bacteria, including some resistant varieties such as MRSA (methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus). 

Remember, however, that not all honey is equal: While pure Manuka honey and medical grade honeys are potent for antibacterial, antimicrobial purposes, the processed honey you buy in the store is not the pure honey you need to fight infections. The fact is highly processed honey is altered to the point that healing compounds may not be left. Much of this type comes from China and doesn’t even have any pollen particles.
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