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Marmite May Boost Brain and Help Stave Off Dementia

Just a teaspoon a day of a yeast extract called Marmite may be all it takes to prevent dementia, The Telegraph reports. While at least one Alzheimer’s expert said this doesn’t prove the impact of Marmite on dementia, Marmite’s British researchers speculated that high levels of vitamin B12 in Marmite may be the deciding factor in how it protects against neurological disorders. They also encouraged eating a healthy diet, exercising, keeping your blood pressure down and avoiding smoking as the best way to avoid dementia.

In case you were wondering, Marmite is a sandwich spread popular in Great Britain, and it’s manufactured by Unilever. In other words, it’s a spreadable processed food product, similar to Nutella, only Marmite is made from beer yeast and Nutella has a chocolate base. Nutella is a favorite chocolate nut spread in Europe with a growing fan base in the U.S.

I’m all for foods that boost your health, both physically and mentally. But, as the Marmite researchers cautioned, there are other, better ways to get the nutrition your body and brain need to function. To prevent Alzheimer’s and dementia, you need to focus on a diet that powers your brain and body with healthy fats, not net carbs, and whole, organic REAL foods that are fresh and not processed.

Besides a ketogenic diet, lifestyle factors that come into play include exercise, sleep, stress reduction, social interaction and sun exposure (see my interview with Dr. Lew Lim about the use of near-infrared light as a treatment for Alzheimer's, known as photobiomodulation) — all things you can’t get in a jar of sandwich spread.
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