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Pet Exposure May Reduce Allergies and Obesity

As research continues into how the gut microbiome affects your overall health, the University of Alberta has found that getting that puppy for your kids may not be such a bad idea after all. Their study found that babies from families with pets showed higher levels of two microbes associated with both lower risks of allergies and obesity.

The link of the gut microbiome to your overall health just continues to grow. It’s pretty well established that we need to get back to Earth to boost our health, as our gut microbiome plays a huge role in the development of any number of diseases, including food allergies. That means letting ourselves and our children get the feel of the outside soil, the tastes of organically grown foods and, in this instance, early exposure to animals.

A few years ago researchers found a solid link between food allergies and farm antibiotics — leading to a call for farms to stop using antibiotics as prophylactics and growth-boosting substances. Yet, despite all the evidence of grave harm, very little is being done to actually curtail agricultural use of antibiotics.

Likewise, even though studies show that kids who drink raw milk have less asthma and allergies, federal and state governments continue their all-out assault on dairies offering good, clean, wholesome raw milk. One reason is because public health agencies claim unpasteurized milk is dangerous, even though real data shows that nutrient-rich milk from grass-fed cows raised on smaller, clean farms can be safely consumed.

If you want to get back to the farm and drink milk without its essential nutrients being pasteurized out of it, look for a local farmer committed to providing a safe, quality product. For more information visit
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