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Vitamin C May Help Cancer Treatments Work Better

Time magazine reported on a newly discovered health benefit of vitamin C. Although best known as a powerful antioxidant, it may be useful in many cancer treatment protocols. 

New research has shown that vitamin C is selectively cytotoxic to cancer cells when administered intravenously (IV) in high doses. From my perspective, vitamin C is a very useful supplement that should be part of most cancer treatment protocols. Vitamin D is another crucial anti-cancer component I’ve written about on numerous occasions.

In very high blood level concentrations, vitamin C can effectively kill cancer cells. The only way to obtain these extreme levels is through IV administration, although using oral liposomal vitamin C can approach effectiveness at a fraction of the price, improved convenience and cost.

By bypassing the digestive tract, IV administration results in blood levels up to 500 times higher than what you can achieve through the oral route. The mechanism behind vitamin C’s ability to selectively target cancer cells has to do with the generation of hydrogen peroxide, which is ultimately what kills the cancer cells.

Another way vitamin C benefits cancer is by lowering inflammation in your body. As a general rule, chronic inflammation is a hallmark of cancer, and here they found that IV vitamin C treatment helps lower pro-inflammatory cytokines and C-reactive protein — two inflammatory markers and that these improvements correlate with a reduction in tumor size.

It’s important to understand that these megadoses of vitamin C are really only indicated for the treatment of cancers and infectious diseases, not for generalized supplementation. For everyday health, I believe your best bet is to eat a varied whole food diet, rich in vitamin C and other antioxidants, to avoid causing a nutritional imbalance. To help you create an optimal diet, I suggest reading my free nutrition plan, which starts at the beginner phase and systematically guides you step-by-step to the advanced level. 
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