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What is ‘Brain Hacking?’ Tech Insiders Tell You Why You Should Care

If you’ve never heard of “brain hacking,” now might be the time to not only learn what it is, but to find out how you can avoid being “hacked” by companies that want you to become addicted to your phone, apps and social media. According to CBS News, your tech devices are purposely engineered to get you hooked on them, primarily so they can sell you something.

From online games including gambling to social media to email, it seems like there are more and more things that draw us away from personal interaction and into the online world. There are so many distractions and potential addictions that basically you could just lump them all one big problem: We are addicted to our smartphones and social media.

On average, people check their smartphones 150 times a day, or every six minutes, and 46 percent of us say we couldn’t live without them. In fact, many say they prefer texting over real-life conversations. Social isolation aside, the thing is the radio frequency connected with cell phone usage is not good for your health, as shown by a growing body of evidence.

It’s not just the radio frequency that makes cell phones dangerous. Cell phones also play a significant role in car accidents caused by distracted drivers — and texting is not the only cause. That’s why it’s a good idea to turn your phone off while you’re driving. When it comes to social media, there are many strategies to break free from internet addiction, including quitting cold turkey, setting a time limit or checking social media and email just once a day.
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