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How US Health Care Became Big Business

As reported by NPR, a former doctor now working as a medical journalist is warning that today’s trillion-dollar health care industry too often focuses on money over health or science. Her new book, “An American Sickness,” laments that it’s “far more lucrative to provide a lifetime of treatments than a cure.”

This is so reflective of the vaccine industry, which routinely suggests that the best way to address failing vaccines is to take more doses of the same failing vaccines. Essentially, what they’ve done — as the NPR article shows — is create forever client and an endless stream of revenue for ineffective products created by drug giants. The mumps vaccine, which has been failing for years, is a perfect example.

Likewise, the flu vaccine, which is pushed on schoolchildren as part of dozens of mandatory vaccines doses kids must take to enter school, has no proven benefit for preventing school absences. The bottom line is that more is NOT always better when it comes to good health care, and it’s high time that we quit treating symptoms and start addressing causes.

Beyond vaccines, between 40 and 78 percent of the testing, treatments and procedures you receive today are of no benefit, and many have already been deemed harmful by clinical studies. No wonder America’s health care system compares unfavorably to other industrialized countries in coordination of care, prevention of chronic disease, medical errors, accessibility and affordability, and patients’ satisfaction with their doctors and care!

Sadly, the U.S. does not have a health care system; we have a disease-management system dependent on expensive drugs and invasive surgeries aimed at maximizing profits. That’s why the more you take responsibility for your own health by nurturing your body, the less you will need to rely on the "disease care" system that passes for health care in this country.
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