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Spray-On Skin: ‘Miracle’ Stem Cell Treatment Heals Burns Without Scarring

In what is described as a “miracle,” a new treatment using a patient’s own stem cells offers a scar-free, quick recovery for burn patients. As reported by Newsweek, the futuristic remedy invented by a German researcher has already shown success and is now in clinical trials in the U.S., with hopes of receiving Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval yet this year.

Presumably the FDA will use its power to “fast track” this incredible device, which so far has helped dozens of burn victims. The 21st Century Cures Act makes allowances for fast tracking, but whether this help will come remains to be seen, as drug and vaccine manufacturers appear to be first in line.

In reality, the Act relaxes FDA standards and makes it easier for experimental drugs and vaccines to come to market without being adequately tested for safety — and with hundreds of vaccines in the pipeline, and a revolving door of vaccine company reps running the system, I suspect that vaccines will be fast tracking’s primary beneficiaries.

It's interesting to note that all of this is happening at a time when public trust in the FDA is already at a historic low. If you have a debilitating and lethal disease, you may be willing to take risks you'd never take under normal circumstances, but when it comes to vaccines, you don’t get a choice: The FDA simply approves them and states race to mandate them.

So, yes, it looks like the fast track is the way to go for burn victims. But remember, the risks to public health are FAR greater with a fast-tracked vaccine. For vaccines, we need STRONGER drug licensing requirements, not more lax ones.
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