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The Best Exercise for Aging Muscles

It’s a fact that it’s never too late to start an exercise program. The only question is, how do you decide what are the best exercises for your age group? As reported by The New York Times, a new study in Cell Metabolism shows that both weight and interval training help revitalize aging muscles. What’s surprising is that among older people who did interval training, more than 400 genes were positively affected, with the number and health of these individuals’ mitochondria “particularly pronounced.”

What a great validation for interval training! The best part, however, is that the more intense your exercise, the less time you have to spend on it. One single minute of strenuous activity within a 10-minute exercise session is as effective as working out for 45 minutes at a moderate pace.

And, as the latest study confirmed, this intense but brief exertion produces immediate changes in your DNA, improves glucose tolerance and triggers production of human growth hormone and mitochondrial biogenesis, which is crucial for longevity.

As far as age goes, whether you’ve never exercised before or have simply fallen off track, it’s never too late to renew your commitment to physical activity. Even if you’re well into your senior years, you still have time to begin with weight, agility, interval and balance training. Tai Chi and yoga are also great ways to begin an exercise program. Even if you’re very old and very frail, or severely obese, you can start with seated exercises and gradually work up to a program that makes you fitter, healthier and stronger.
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