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EPA: US Steel Leaks Chemical Into Lake Michigan Tributary

A tributary that flows into Lake Michigan caused the closing of three beaches Tuesday after an Indiana U.S. Steel plant pipe failed and released a potentially carcinogenic chemical — hexavalent chromium — into it. A preliminary investigation found that the wastewater didn’t make it into the lake, U.S. News & World Reports said. Still, the spill prompted a local water utility to stop drawing water from the lake temporarily.

It’s been a while since I’ve written about hexavalent chromium being discovered in 31 of 35 city water systems, but the statistics are even more relevant today, as people across the U.S. are discovering all kinds of dangerous substances in their drinking water.

From fluoride that’s purposely added to your water to lead to nitrates to prescription drug residues to glyphosate (the main ingredient in Roundup), it seems like the tap water we’ve always trusted just isn’t as safe as we thought. We all depend on access to clean water and air to survive, so when these very basic necessities are no longer pure, it represents one of the gravest threats imaginable to the future of the planet and its inhabitants.

Becoming aware of the problem is the first step to protecting yourself and your family, and part of that awareness is being aware that, often, you aren’t even told of potential or real dangers lurking in your water. In fact, major industries like DuPont have been known to lie to consumers even though they know the water is bad.

That’s why you should just assume your water is less than pure and take steps to remedy it. If you have well water, get it tested to make sure it’s clean and pure. And, if it’s not or if you are hooked to municipal water lines, get a filter and filter your water at the point of entry and at the point of use. One of the best filters I've found is the Pure & Clear Whole House Water Filtration System, which uses a three-stage filtration process.
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