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Easter Eggs Recalled at Target Ahead of Easter Sunday

A toy egg that “hatches” play dinosaurs or bunnies when the egg is submerged in water has been recalled by Target stores due to possible dangers to children who might put the toys in their mouths. According, about 560,000 of the toys have already been sold. If a child were to ingest one, it not only would expand inside their body, but would have to be removed surgically.

Dangerous toys and other items for children, such as teethers, pop up in the news regularly. The teethers were in the news the end of 2016, when it was discovered that many teethers were made from endocrine-disrupting chemicals like BPA. The use of this chemical was restricted in baby bottles and toddler sippy cups in 2012, but a study found that teethers could have BPA leaching from them.

The plastics industry claims the amount of chemicals used in infant and child products does not pose a health risk to children, but research in rodents demonstrate that even low-dose exposures have a negative effect, and levels similar to humans in rhesus monkeys have a negative effect on reproduction.

Because early life exposure to any chemical or toxin dangerous to human health is even more serious in infants and children, and because many top toys present strangulation, choking or other risks to children, these events show how important it is to read labels and study a product before you purchase it. Could what you’re buying fit in a child’s mouth? Could the toy poke out an eye? Does it contain chemicals such as parabens, phthalates, lead or synthetic dyes? If so, pass on the purchase.
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