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Clear Coffee Hits the Shelves, Promising Caffeine Without Teeth Stains

If you want a caffeinated coffee jolt without worrying about stained teeth, two entrepreneurs have come up with what they believe is the perfect solution — a clear coffee. While they refuse to say how they got the color out of the coffee, Mashable reports that they are assuring people that the new coffee is “free of preservatives, artificial flavors, sweeteners or stabilizers.”

Photos show this new product in a bottle, so it’s probably safe to assume the container is plastic. But even if it’s free of bisphenol-A (BPA), it’s not safe to assume that it’s not hazardous to your health, as the substitute, bisphenol-S (BPS), appears to be just as toxic.

Additionally, if you prefer your coffee heated, you’re going to have to either pour it into a pan and cook it on a stove or use a microwave. And if you use a microwave — which I don’t recommend, ever — I suspect you’re going to leave the drink in the bottle — a combination of which you just don’t want, since studies suggest microwaving your food can potentially expose you to carcinogenic toxins released from the plastic container.

Keep in mind that ninety-five percent of plastic products subjected to real-world usage conditions, like microwaving, tested positive for estrogenic, hormone-disrupting activity, and heat has been found to increase the rate of chemical transfer from plastic into food by up to 55-fold. Therefore, I would expand this to say that there is really no such thing as “microwave-safe” plastic, no matter how safe the formula is for taking the color out of coffee.
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