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Crest Has a Terrible Leaking Toothpaste Problem

If ever there were a reason to rethink what you’re brushing your teeth with, an article in The Atlantic points to one that most people wouldn’t ordinarily think of. It seems that Crest’s Pro-Health toothpaste has a leaking problem. That’s leaking in that consumers are complaining that the lid doesn’t fit properly, and therefore causes messy spills of toothpaste on your bathroom counter or drawer space. The article explains that part of the problem is the product itself, which is “more liquidy than typical toothpaste, [making] it more prone to smearing and leaking.”

While Crest works out the leaky problem, this may be a good time to talk about the best ways to care for your mouth and teeth. Even though the health industry separates oral and dental health care from your overall health coverage, it’s widely known that your oral health is intrinsically connected to your overall health. So, paradoxically, it’s up to you to do what’s best for your mouth so the rest of you can be healthy, too.

The knowledge begins with the obvious: Brush your teeth. Doing so twice a day, with a daily flossing, not only can prevent bad breath, but can help save you from heart disease, type 2 diabetes, dementia, kidney disease, pneumonia and more.

What you eat matters too, and minimizing sugar is important. Also make sure you’re getting plenty of animal-based omega-3 fats such as those in krill oil, as research suggests even moderate amounts of omega-3 fats may help ward off gum disease.

Additionally, add oil pulling to your daily routine. Oil pulling is an effective mechanical method of cleansing your teeth and the smallest crevices along your molars that the bristles of your brush cannot reach.
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