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Join Me At Natur-Tyme's Annual Health Extravaganza

I am pleased to announce that I will be speaking at Natur-Tyme’s Annual Health Extravaganza on April 23 at the New York State fairgrounds Horticulture Building. I urge anyone interested in health to stop in and join the discussion on my upcoming book “Fat for Fuel.” This cutting edge work will be available in May and is the culmination of years of research on nutrition and health.

Whether you are looking to network, expand your knowledge or simply want to optimize your health, this event is an outstanding opportunity to meet like-minded people, mingle with leaders in the natural health community and obtain revolutionary health information that can change your life. 

The purpose of “Fat for Fuel” is to make groundbreaking science entirely accessible and easily understood by the reader. More importantly, it provides an action plan for incorporating these incredible health saving strategies into your life. So don’t miss out on this opportunity.

“Fat for Fuel” is easily my most powerful book to date, but it is anchored in the classic holistic philosophy that treating the root cause of illness is far more effective than merely addressing the symptoms as they appear. This simple principle stands in stark contrast to an industrialized medical establishment that has comprehensively failed to meet the needs of patients.

What is “Fat for Fuel” all about? I believe, along with many of the experts I interviewed for this book, that more than 90 percent of cancer cases are either preventable or treatable. Too many people fail to understand that their odds of developing cancer are greatly reduced if their mitochondria are healthy and functional.

“Fat for Fuel” provides a potentially life-saving game plan that can repair and improve the health of your mitochondria: Mitochondrial Metabolic Therapy (MMT). Do not be daunted by the imposing acronym. I will walk you through the steps of this highly customizable process. Many readers will be familiar with the ketogenic diet and the benefits of healthy fats, but MMT takes empowering nutrition to a whole new level. 

The fact that everyone responds differently is something that allopathic doctors often fail to account for. My goal is to help you optimize your health as smoothly and as easily as possible. I accomplished this by identifying and removing potential obstacles and pitfalls on your road to health.

Never before has so much groundbreaking research been broken down in such a usable way.  I am aware of how the information revolution has changed everything in the field of health and wellness. Navigating this vast maze of contradictory and often inaccurate information is a daunting task. If you are looking for answers, it can be difficult to know where to turn or whom to believe. This is where “Fat for Fuel” fits in. It provides you with the most actionable and beneficial wellness strategies available today.

So I highly recommend you join me at the Natur-Tyme’s Annual Health Extravaganza. Click here for additional information on the schedule, speakers, directions and other updates. 
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