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Jalapeno-Flavored Chips Recalled Over Salmonella Fear

A potential presence of the bacteria known as salmonella in a seasoning used by Frito-Lay has triggered a recall of Lay’s jalapeno-flavored potato and kettle chips, CNN Health reports. While no salmonella has yet been found in the Lays’ brands, the company said the seasoning was potentially contaminated, and had also been recalled.

Food poisoning is never a good thing, no matter how light the case you may have. But food-sourced poisons aside, there are other ways that processed, packaged foods can make you sick, such as by exposing you to fluoride via fluoridated pesticides and fumigants. Fast food wrappers are one source of fluoride, scientists warn.

Foods most commonly fumigated with fluoridated chemicals include cocoa powder (100 percent), dried beans (100 percent), walnuts (99 percent) and dried fruits (69 percent). Additionally, one-third of fast food wrappers and containers contain fluorine, suggesting perfluorinated chemicals (PFCs) were used to make the paper oil and grease resistant — an unnecessary health risk, since non-PFC wrappers are available.

Other common products where PFCs are often found include takeout food containers, pizza boxes, non-stick cookware, popcorn bags, outdoor clothing, stain-resistant clothing, and more. If nothing else, this emphasizes how important it is to simply ditch processed foods of all sorts, and opt for fresh, whole, organic fruits and vegetables, and for free-range, grass fed meats and dairy products.

Rather than using conventional or farm-raised fish, which are often heavily contaminated with PCBs and mercury, supplement with a high-quality purified krill oil, or eat fish that is wild-caught and lab tested for purity. Also store your food and beverages in glass rather than plastic, and avoid using plastic wrap and canned foods (which are often lined with BPA- and BPS-containing liners). 
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