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How a Plastic-Munching Caterpillar Could Help Save the Earth

The bizarre eating habits of a worm that destroys bee colonies may be a boon for the Earth. As reported by CNN Health, wax worm larvae also like to eat plastic — a discovery that possibly could lead to using wax worms to literally eat up non-biodegradable wastes of many types.

The problem of what to do with the massive amounts of wastes that mankind is dumping on Earth is becoming an emergency. While you may not directly feel the impact of garbage while going about your day to day life, it's quite literally choking the life out of our ecosystem, and the situation is getting worse with each passing day.

Our throwaway mentality has created a pollution problem that now threatens the future of humanity itself. Plastic trash is of particular concern, as bits and pieces of plastic are mistaken for food by birds and sea animals, so the idea that a worm could solve that problem is a promise for the future.

At the heart of the waste problem is a materialistic society that encourages buying more and more "stuff." Acquiring things you don't really need can take a massive toll on the environment. Recycling responsibly is one step in the right direction, but I believe it's even more important to reduce and reuse what we have first, as much as possible.

Instead of buying beverages in plastic, carry your own cups or bottles (preferably glass). Opt for other non-disposable items such as reusable shopping bags, storage containers for leftovers and, in general, asking yourself more often: "Do I really need this?"
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