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Woman Popped Her Husband’s Four-Year-Old Pimple. And Filmed It.

A viral video posted on shows a woman popping what is described as a 4-year-old pimple. The video, which has been posted above, is repulsive yet strangely captivating. Although it is clearly designed to serve as clickbait, there is an underlying cautionary tale.

You may have at one time or other noticed a small, painless bump under your skin, possibly behind your ear or on your chest, shoulders or back. Many people refer to these as sebaceous cysts, but they may be a more common variety called epidermoid. Generally speaking, there are three types of skin cysts.

A splinter or small cut, sunburn, waxing and shaving, swollen hair follicles, increased skin sebum and acne can cause cysts. Picking them or subjecting them to chafing (such as a bra strap) can aggravate the problem, making them even more uncomfortable and potentially causing infection.

In most cases, doing nothing is better than popping or draining a cyst. If a cyst is infected, popping the cyst could cause the infection to spread. If it’s on your face or in an area that’s constantly irritated, a doctor may lance it off. Surgical cyst removal may entail a local anesthestic and removal of the entire sac; otherwise, it may reappear. A deep infection may be packed with sterile gauze so it continues to drain.

At-home treatments for cysts start with keeping them clean — simple soap and water is best, rinsed well and air-dried, especially if a cyst is infected. Many natural topical treatments are very effective and may even cure the problem. For example, a warm, soothing compress a few times a day will stimulate your circulation and hasten the healing process. There are also numerous natural remedies that will remove acne scars.  
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