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Air Pollution: ‘Heart Disease Link Found’

A new study of how pollution particulates travel through the body has found a link between heart disease and air pollution. According to, nanoparticles travel through the body’s blood vessels for months after entering through your nose and circulating in your lungs, eventually playing a role in heart disease.

It’s no secret nanoparticles are giants when it comes to your health, whether you’re breathing them in or absorbing them through your skin or consuming them through what you eat or drink. Breathed in through the air, magnetite particles help produce reactive oxygen species (free radicals) in your brain, and are associated with neurodegenerative diseases, dementia, heart disease, stroke and lung cancer.

How deadly is air pollution? The World Health Organization reports that it kills more than 3 million people every year, worldwide. Poor air quality is not just scientists' and environmentalists' concern, but conclusively is one of the greatest environmental health risks.

Besides your heart, researchers have already revealed that pollution from the air and traffic noise can increase nerve degeneration in your brain. In fact, tiny particles often found in air pollution can be breathed in, lodge in peoples' brains and possibly cause Alzheimer's.

One way you can help clean up the air is to refuse to purchase products known to pollute it, such as common (and toxic) household cleaners and personal care products. Then use as many natural products as possible. Natural fibers for your clothing and furniture, such as 100 percent cotton, linen, flax or wool; wood and natural-fabric toys for your children rather than plastic (especially painted); and glass and ceramic cookware and dinnerware all help preserve the Earth.

Also, drinking pure water rather than soda or other harmful "fake" products and eating organic foods free of pesticides and hormones will go a long way toward a pollution-free world.
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