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More D Could Help With More T

For a time, it seemed like you couldn’t turn on the TV without hearing a commercial promoting drugs to increase men’s testosterone levels. Of course, drugs come with a price, not just in cost but in side effects — one “T” commercial warns not to let women and children come in contact with the product. But now, a report in Men’s Journal suggests that the solution to low testosterone may be as easy as making sure you have adequate levels of vitamin D in your body.

Seven clinical trials reveal both benefits and risks of testosterone therapy in older men. While improving bone density and reducing anemia, it may also raise your risk of cardiovascular events. That’s why I suggest trying lifestyle strategies to boost your T before you resort to the risks of drug therapy.

You can begin by limiting sugar and boosting healthy fats, engaging in high-intensity exercises and strength training, and reducing stress. Top it off with optimizing your vitamin D and you have several helpful strategies shown to boost your testosterone levels naturally.

But before you resort to prescription drugs, beware of testosterone drug ad promises. No matter your gender, hormone replacement therapy is a tricky business due to the complexities of how different hormones work together, mode of administration, timing, dose and many other variables.

Since visceral fat suppresses testosterone production, try losing weight instead. Increase your zinc and magnesium intake and eat healthy fats. Having sex, avoiding drugs that lower testosterone as a side effect, intermittent fasting, eating testosterone-boosting foods and taking certain herbal supplements can also safely raise your testosterone level.
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