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Are Germans Leading a Vegan Revolution?

Food technology has overtaken Germany, with the U.S. running a close second when it comes to new food launches involving meatless products, CNN Health reports. The Germans are going vegan with processed sausages and schnitzels made from lab-engineered soy, wheat or tofu. The article does warn, however, that “regular consumption of processed food … is not healthy.”

I can’t think of anything more honest than that last statement, unless it would be to say that consumption of ANY processed food is not healthy. The idea that it’s “natural” to create something to eat in a laboratory and pass it off as “nutritious” because parts of the product come from plants is ludicrous at best, not to mention that a true vegan diet isn’t healthy anyway.

Veganism involves the complete exclusion of ALL types of animal products — not just meat and animal organs, but also products obtained from live animals, such as dairy and eggs. It also excludes seafood, while a vegetarian diet includes some animal foods in the form of eggs, dairy and fish, making for a healthy balanced diet that supplies all the critical nutrients your body needs for optimal health. 

I think one reason a vegetarian diet seems so healthy is because it’s lower in protein than the conventional meat-based diet. When you eat excessive protein, you stimulate powerful biochemical pathways that trigger disease — which is why I encourage eating moderate amounts of protein in my new book, “Fat for Fuel.” The key is to eat in such a way that your body is able to burn fat as its primary fuel rather than sugars, which ultimately will improve your mitochrondrial function and put you on the road to optimal health.
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