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Chili Pepper, Pot May Fix Your Ailing Stomach

The component of chili peppers that makes them hot — capsaicin — has a reaction in your gut that’s akin to the anandamide in marijuana that eases inflammation, a new study shows. According to Fox News, if the evidence holds, edible cannabinoids could eventually be an option for treating colitis, diabetes and other diseases that originate in the gut.

The benefits of medical cannabis just continue to grow, showing that this vastly underutilized therapeutic option is being unfairly withheld by the Drug Enforcement Administration, which in December announced that cannabidiol (CBD) is being reclassified as a Schedule 1 controlled substance, putting it on par with LSD and heroin. 

This, despite the fact that 76 percent of physicians support medical marijuana — and as a physician, one reason I will continue to support legalizing the use of this plant for medical purposes. But CBD aside, did you know that capsaicin has a number of health advantages, including reducing the speed of cancer cell growth?

Not only that, when combined with 6-gingerol found in raw ginger root, capsaicin has an increased ability to bind to a receptor that is responsible for tumor cell growth — with a mouse study showing that all of the mice who received capsaicin developed lung tumors, half of the mice who received 6-gingerol developed lung tumors but only 20 percent of the mice who were given the combination developed cancer.

Capsaicin has a long list of other benefits as well, including inhibiting pain transmission that can help prevent headaches and prevent inflammation in your body. Chili peppers also have more vitamin C than oranges, to help support your immune system.
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