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Aunt Jemima Frozen Waffles Recalled- Try This Delicious Gluten Free Waffle Recipe Instead

Too many breakfast favorites are glorified junk food. There is no worse way to start your day than these processed staples. Sugar-laden staples like pancakes, French toast and breakfast cereal have contributed heavily to the growing obesity epidemic.
To make matters worse, there is now a recall of Aunt Jemima frozen pancakes, waffles and French toast. As reported by CNN, these popular breakfast items tested positive for listeria. Fortunately, there are healthy breakfast options that you can make yourself. Below I have provided my delicious and healthy gluten-free waffle recipe.
Most waffle recipes are loaded with empty carbs, excessive sugars and unhealthy grains — but not this one. What makes this recipe stand out is that it removes carbs from the equation and replaces them with high-quality proteins.

Proteins are crucial in building, maintaining and repairing the tissues of your muscles, skin and internal organs. It is essential to the structure of cellular receptors, signaling molecules and enzymes, and can perform transport carrier functions.

But aside from a protein boost, this recipe also gives you ideal doses of healthy fats, which your body needs to maintain optimal brain function. Keep in mind that your brain cannot work properly without fats, and that overindulging in grains and sugar can lead to neural impairment and damage.

Gluten-Free Waffles Recipe


9 organic pastured eggs
1/2 cup raw butter or Dr. Mercola’s coconut oil
1/2 cup Dr. Mercola’s coconut flour (plus a little more)
1 Tablespoon cinnamon
1 teaspoon Dr. Mercola’s vanilla extract
1/2 teaspoon Dr. Mercola’s Himalayan salt
2 scoops Dr. Mercola’s protein powder (any flavor you desire)
Dr. Mercola’s raw honey for drizzling (optional)
Organic fruit of your choice (strawberries, blueberries or bananas)


1. Crack the eggs into a medium-sized bowl and beat with whisk or immersion blender.
2. Add the melted butter or oil, cinnamon, vanilla and salt.
3. Add the coconut flour and protein powder, then mix well. The batter should be thick. If it’s too thin, add a little more coconut flour.
4. Spoon into heated and greased waffle iron and cook until light brown and firm to touch.
5. Serve with fresh fruit of your choice and/or with a drizzle of Dr. Mercola’s honey.
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