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Scientists Think They've Finally Found the Mechanism Behind Grey Hair and Baldness

Scientists believe they have located a potential treatment for gray hair and baldness. According to Science Alert, researchers were investigating a rare genetic disorder that promotes tumor growth on nerve cells when they stumbled across KROX20. This protein was shown to switch on skin cells in mice and promote hair shaft growth. 

Graying hair and balding are natural signs of aging, but the reality is that they are not always well received. Once you reach the age of 30, you have a 10 percent to 20 percent chance of graying hair with each passing decade. It's a fact of life that, eventually, virtually everyone will go gray. As a result, hair products are big business. This includes toxic dyes and dangerous hair growth serums. 

Your hair color comes from pigment called melanin. Each hair may contain dark melanin (eumelanin) and light melanin (pheomelanin), which blend together to form the many shades of hair color among humans. When you're young, special pigment stem cells called melanocytes inject pigment into keratin-containing cells. This keratin, a protein, makes up your hair and is responsible for giving it its color. As you age, melanin is reduced, which is why your hair turns gray and, ultimately, white (this means there's no melanin left).

It's thought that going prematurely gray is largely genetic; if you have family members who turned gray early on, there's a chance you might too. Obesity is also associated with premature graying, and there is some speculation that it could be an indicator of certain health issues. Thyroid disorders, anemia and vitiligo have been linked to premature graying, and it's even been associated with an increased risk of coronary artery disease (CAD) in young smokers.

The search for a cure for gray hair assumes that gray hair is a problem that needs solving. But there's nothing intrinsically bad about having gray hair. In fact, from a health perspective you're far better off going gray than using toxic hair dyes. The same holds true for balding. A safe cure for balding would be a literal goldmine, and many unscrupulous businesses have cashed in on this desire to reverse receding hairlines.  

The energies that you dedicate to fighting off balding or gray hair may be better spent on improving your underlying health. A proper exercise regimen, nourishing diet and rejuvenating sleep are essential components of a healthy lifestyle. If the specter of an aging visage in the mirror remains a source of constant stress in your life, the Emotional Freedom Techniques may be the perfect solution. It is one of the most effective tools against chronic anxiety. 
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