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Where You Live in the US Affects Your Life Span

A mathematical code estimating life expectancy for each U.S. county shows a difference of as much as 20 years between the lowest and highest counties, CNN Health reports. The lowest life expectancy was in North and South Dakota, eastern Kentucky and southwestern West Virginia. The data came from the years 1980 to 2014, with those ages 25 to 45 showing an 11.5 percent increase in risk of death and those over age 70 gaining a few years.

This is an interesting article considering that other recent research has shown that, for the first time in two decades, life expectancy in the U.S. overall has declined. This is no surprise, seeing that half of Americans are chronically ill — highlighting the fact that the enormous cost of our health care system isn’t doing a thing for our health or life span.

In my view this has everything to do with diet: Nearly 60 percent of the American diet is ultra-processed junk food, loaded with hidden sugars and directly connected to obesity and other chronic diseases. Less than 1 percent of Americans’ daily calories comes from vegetables.

In short, processed foods are killing people prematurely, and if we want to reverse the current disease and mortality trends in the U.S., we have to get serious about cleaning up our food supply and increasing access to real food. To optimize your weight and health, opt for whole, fresh, organic vegetables and fruits, and for grass fed meats and dairy that offer healthy fats that can help you burn fat for fuel instead of sugar. My new book, “Fat for Fuel,” details how to get yourself off the junk food train and on to the road to good health and a long life.
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