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Should We Give Up Eating Red Meat?

A new study in the British Medical Journal claims that half a million Americans are at risk of deadly chronic diseases like cancer and heart problems, all because of their love for red meat. According to The Guardian, the risk of dying increases exponentially with the amount of meat you eat.

I’ve been saying for quite some time that excess protein in any form could actually be worse for you than eating too many carbs, as excessive protein can stimulate two biochemical pathways that accelerate aging and cancer growth. The fact is people who get 20 percent or more of daily calories from protein have a 400 percent higher cancer rate, and a 75 percent higher risk of mortality, compared to those who get only 10 percent of daily calories from protein.

Protein also affects your insulin and leptin. As a result, a low-carb, high-protein diet may still be troublesome if you’re struggling with obesity, insulin resistance or diabetes. This is why precision matters when it comes to protein. My new book, “Fat for Fuel,” not only explains how this happens, but gives a workable way to get healthy and avoid chronic disease by burning fat for fuel and replacing net carbs with healthy fats rather than protein.

I strongly encourage you to do a careful analysis of precisely how much protein you are eating every day. The results may surprise you, as I'm sure many are consuming more than 100 grams per day, and very few people would need that much. This is just one focus of "Fat for Fuel." It's by far the most important book I've ever written, and the one I've poured the most heart and soul into because I believe this information has the power to reverse the cancer epidemic and save countless lives.
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