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Amazon Is Hiring People to Break into the Multibillion-Dollar Pharmacy Market

Amazon may soon get into the pharmacy business, as it probes ways to tap into the multibillion-dollar prescription drug industry, CNBC reports. Although Amazon declined to comment, it has already started selling medical supplies and equipment, and has hired professionals that will ensure the company meets regulatory requirements.

This might be a good time to point out that the drug industry is, indeed, a booming business, and pharmacies across the nation are vying for it, pushing fast service and even tracking pharmacists’ speed in filling prescriptions as they chase the cash that comes with the products. But, this comes with a downside, as a recent Chicago Tribune investigation found that half of U.S. pharmacies sell dangerous drug combinations that could potentially endanger or even kill patients.

With the average American adult taking nearly 13 prescription drugs, this is an accident waiting to happen — although you can’t blame Amazon for wanting to get in on the bonanza. This leaves it up to you, the patient, to watch out for yourself when it comes to prescriptions, no matter where you get them from. Make a point of asking your doctor if the drugs you're prescribed are safe when taken together, and remind both your doctor and the pharmacist about your other medications (including over-the-counter drugs).

If you experience any unusual symptoms after taking a new combination of drugs, ask if the drug combination could be to blame. But even more importantly, ultimately reducing your reliance on prescription and over-the-counter drugs is your best protection against drug interactions, and this is done foundationally, by leading a healthy lifestyle and taking control of your health.
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