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Cooking From Scratch in Schools

An exciting program implemented in a Washington public school system is giving students a chance to not only experience freshly made lunches, but to even grow their own food, according to The school recently hired a professional chef to plan meals cooked on-site. The student garden has inspired kids to explore and enjoy fresh produce of all kinds.

This is a far cry from the pathetic school lunches that led a New York City fourth grader to make his own documentary on abysmal school food a couple years ago. At the time, despite mouth-watering online menu advertisements, his school lunches consisted largely of processed food — including pizza and cheese sticks — with fruits and vegetables notably absent.

Overall, school lunches are the epitome of processed factory food, laden with sugar and synthetic ingredients. So, unless your child is fortunate enough to attend an innovative school that still has a cafeteria equipped to cook in-house, brown bagging your child’s lunch is probably the healthiest option for now.

While you’re at it, you may want to send a beverage with your child as well, as most schools, if not all, offer only low-fat milk, a product that is devoid of important nutrients that whole fat milk provides. It’s a complete myth that low-fat dairy is better for you, and studies even show that those who ate full-fat dairy were less likely to be obese. A better choice is to send a thermos of fresh, raw milk obtained from a farmers market or organic dairy. Or, encourage your child to simply drink water — and of course, no soda whether it’s diet or regular.
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