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Mom Paralyzed After Eating Gas Station Nacho Cheese

A Sacramento woman who ate nacho cheese from a gas station is now paralyzed, thanks to what health officials believe may be a form of botulism, according to Fox News. Botulism is a rare disease, but according to an attorney specializing in food safety cases, “only human mistakes” create the environment in which the toxin can form.

The U.S. has seen a rash of foodborne outbreaks in the past few years, particularly involving foods you wouldn’t ordinarily suspect for food poisoning, such as flour and multivitamins. If nothing else, these outbreaks highlight the dangers of a society dependent on industrialized foods.

Salmonella is an example of foodborne outbreaks on the rise, with no less than seven in recent years connected to contaminated poultry — a danger that is ever-existent industrialized, factory farming. Salmonella also was the culprit when Nature Made recalled several of its gummy vitamins and vitamin D tablets. But E. coli was to blame when General Mills voluntarily recalled more than 10 million pounds of flour.

Ultimately, the long-term solutions to these problems are regenerative agriculture and organic farming, which use neither antibiotics for growth promotion in animals, nor pesticides on crops. Regenerative agricultural practices are among the best kept secrets to naturally sequester CO2 in the soil and return the land to a natural state, improving fertility and biodiversity.

You can support organic and regenerative farming with your pocketbook, while looking out for your own health at the same time. Begin by refusing to purchase or eat processed foods of all kinds. Yes, that means giving up nacho cheese at a gas station, but remember it’s all for the good. Instead, opt for organic, grass fed beef, poultry and dairy, and whole, farm-fresh produce.
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