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Why Crying During Movies Actually Means You’re Mentally Tough

If you’ve been accused of being weak because you cry during movies, take heart: According to Power of Positivity, it actually illustrates how strong you are. It also means you have empathy for others as well as the ability to take on leadership roles in social situations where self-esteem and mental toughness are important.

It’s a fact that your emotions play a huge part in your overall health, so finding out that it’s not only OK to cry during a move, but healthy, is good news. Other strategies that reflect good emotional health include being an optimist, having hope, accepting yourself and staying connected in loving and supportive relationships.

Learning to express gratitude can also improve your health and wellness. Gratitude is an affirmation of goodness; when you feel gratitude, you affirm that you live in a benevolent world. It’s also a recognition that the source of this goodness comes from outside yourself

You can cultivate gratitude by beginning with avoiding getting sucked into bad news. You can also write thank you notes, whether in response to a gift or simply a kind act.

Mindfulness and meditation are other strategies that improve your emotional and mental health. Practicing "mindfulness" means you're actively paying attention to the moment you're in right now. Rather than letting your mind wander, when you're mindful, you're living in the moment and letting distracting thoughts pass through your mind without getting caught up in their emotional implications.

“Focused attention” is a form of mindfulness meditation, or mental exercise that can help regulate your attention and emotions while improving well-being.
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