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Kiwis to Get a Taste of Krispy Kreme

In an effort to join other American-style chain stores like Ben and Jerry’s, doughnut-maker Krispy Kreme is building a huge retail and manufacturing facility in New Zealand, The NZ Herald reports. This adds to the more than 600 stores Krispy Kreme already has around the world.

It’s sad that the most exciting thing about a new retail development is a doughnut store, but I’m not surprised. Sugar-laden, junk food products seem to be the order of the day, even though some restaurants like McDonald’s are showing efforts to make menu changes that are more healthy.

From removing artificial preservatives and high-fructose corn syrup from some of its products to pledging to serve antibiotic-free chicken, McDonald’s has at least shown that it’s listening to consumers, who say they don’t want this stuff in their food.

The effort has paid off for McDonald’s in higher sales, but still, it’s up to you to decide whether you want manufactured foods like doughnuts or something fresh you’ve prepared in your own kitchen. “Good” foods that most people don’t eat enough of include omega-3 fats, raw nuts and seeds, veggies and wild-caught Alaskan salmon. (Try to eat as much of your food raw as you can, as the more raw foods you incorporate into your diet, the higher your nutrient intake will be.)

It’s a myth that eating healthy, natural foods is prohibitively expensive. In fact, consuming a fresh, organic diet doesn’t have to cost much more than a diet filled with processed foods and junk foods. For tips on which foods aren’t important to purchase organic, see my previous article, “12 Foods You Don’t Have to Buy Organic.”
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